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Senate OK's millions for Camp Ravenna

Oct 09, 2015 -- 11:36am


The U.S. Senate this week authorized $3.3 million in federal funding for Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Centerr in the National Defense Authorization Act. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown urged the Armed Services Committee to include this funding for Camp Ravenna. Brown says, the funding will allow camp Ravenna to upgrade its facilities to ensure that our citizen-shoulders get the training they deserve. Camp Ravenna is located at the former Ravenna Arsenal.

'Glitter Gate' trial continues

Oct 09, 2015 -- 11:27am

It's being called “Glitter Gate.”

A former Summit County Fiscal Office employee admitted Thursday to trashing her former supervisor's office, but says it was just a “prank.” The Plain Dealer reports, 24 year-old Samantha Lockhart previously declined the prosecutor's offer to plead guilty to a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct to resolve the case without a trial. Lockhart elected instead to go forward with a jury trial, which is currently underway. Authorities say, Lockhart threw glitter, toilet paper and baby powder throughout the cubicle of her ex-supervisor . She also sprayed the area with silly string. Two computers and a scanner and printer, were also ruined. The defense attorney said that the breaking and entering charge does not apply in this case and that other pranks happened in the office that did not result in criminal charges. Testimony in the case is expected to wrap up today.

Ravenna man back in prison

Oct 09, 2015 -- 11:00am

A Ravenna man wasn't out of jail for long...less than 24 hours before being charged with his fourth felony drunken driving charge. 50- year-old Robert Julian, of East Lake Street, was sent back to prison after pleading guilty to one count of operating a vehicle under the influence. Judge John Enlow suspended his drivers license for 25 years. Authorities say Julian has at least 10 prior drunken driving convictions in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Florida.

Judge ends oversight in Amish girl chemo fight

Oct 09, 2015 -- 10:53am

A judge in northeastern Ohio has formally ended the court-ordered guardianship of a Medina Amish girl who fought a hospital's attempt to force her to resume chemotherapy. The move announced this morning comes more than a year after Sarah Hershberger's guardian said she was dropping her efforts to force the girl into chemotherapy for leukemia. The girl's parents had halted chemotherapy two years ago because they feared it was killing her. Doctors had said she would die without the treatments. The judge ended then guardianship after being told the girl no longer shows any signs of being sick. The girl is now 12 years old. Sarah and her parents returned to their farm in Medina County a few months after they went into hiding in the fall of 2013 to avoid the treatments.

Cleveland suburb upgrades recording system after jail death

Oct 09, 2015 -- 10:48am

A Cleveland suburb has upgraded its jail recording system after questions were raised about gaps in video of a woman who was found dead in a holding cell. Cleveland Heights officials say the cameras previously recorded only when motion was detected and sometimes might have overloaded the system. Now, they record continuously. The issue was raised when 37 year-old Ralkina Jones died in July. Police body camera footage showed the woman talking about medical issues she had, including seizures and heart conditions, and saying she didn't want to die in a jail cell. But surveillance video of her cell had NO footage from the six hours before she was found unresponsive. The medical examiner hasn't ruled on her cause of death, but says Jones didn't have suspicious injuries.

Barberton man struck in hit-skip accident

Oct 09, 2015 -- 9:45am

A Barberton man was struck in a hit-skip accident on Thursday. The Summit County Sheriff's Office says, a 64 year-old man was hit by a vehicle while crossing state Route 619 at South Main Street around 6:45 am. The man was hit in the middle of the roadway . The vehicle is described as black or dark in color. Damage to the vehicle is believed to be near the driver side mirror. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Summit County Sheriff's Office at 330-643-2181.

Bedbugs surface in 4th school

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:59am

Bedbugs have been found in the fourth school this month in a Cleveland suburb.
     The school district said Thursday that bedbugs were found in part of Valley Forge High School in Parma. The school was open, but infected areas were locked down for treatment Thursday.
     The Northeast Ohio Media Group (http://bit.ly/1Lp9yZw ) reports that the district called in exterminators last week to eliminate bedbugs at another high school, a junior high school and elementary school in Parma. A spokesman says all those schools are clear.
     Bedbugs have been a growing concern in recent years. The small inspects feed on human and other mammal blood. Their bites can cause itchy welts, similar to mosquito bites.
     They don't live on people but can hitchhike on clothes or other belongings.

Cold case arrest

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:53am

Authorities say a Phoenix man has been arrested in connection with a 1992 murder case in Ohio.
     Phoenix police and Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies helped take 67-year-old Sam Perone into custody Thursday. He's being held pending extradition to Ohio.
     The Warren County Sheriff's Office in Ohio says Perone was recently identified as a suspect in the slaying of 41-year-old furniture salesman Richard Woods of Lebanon.
     They say Woods' body was found dead in a ravine with two gunshot wounds to the head in November 1992.
     Authorities say Woods was last seen visiting Perone's furniture store in Ohio on business a month earlier.
     Warren County authorities reopened the case in 2006 looking for new leads and then again last year.

Kasich bus tour

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:50am

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (KAY'-sik) is planning several stops across New Hampshire and Vermont as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.
     The governor's campaign says the four-day bus tour will start Friday with an event in Concord. Kasich then plans to hold a town hall in Stratham before heading to a GOP dinner and reception in Burlington, Vermont.
     The bus tour will resume on Monday and wrap up Wednesday.
     Kasich has put a significant focus on the early presidential primary state of New Hampshire. He's sought to distinguish himself in the crowded primary field as a pragmatic leader rather than a party ideologue.

Man pleads guilty to possessing military explosives

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:50am

An Ohio man who police say had a collection of explosives when he was arrested has pleaded guilty to a count of unlawful possession of a dangerous ordnance.  
     The Columbus Dispatch reports (http://bit.ly/1LqOimo ) 30-year-old Jay West was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail and three years' probation.
     Police say they found five 1.25-pound blocks of C4 explosives and accessories to detonate the materials when they searched the Newark man's home Aug 3.
     Prosecutors say the materials were military explosives that appeared to have made their way to Ohio from a West Coast military facility.
     Prosecutors say an investigation showed that West purchased the materials from a Mount Vernon man and that it seemed to be a "spur-of-the-moment" transaction.

Former funeral home director found guilty of grand theft

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:44am

A former funeral home director in northeastern Ohio has been found guilty of misappropriating $85,000 from clients who paid for prearranged funeral services.
     The (Canton) Repository reports (http://bit.ly/1Lae7I1 ) a judge on Thursday found 62-year-old Robert Lewis guilty of a fourth-degree grand theft charge.
     The charge stems from Lewis's time as the director and owner of a funeral home in Canton, located about 60 miles south of Cleveland.
     Prosecutors say between 2006 and 2012, Lewis received payments from about 20 clients for prearranged services, but the money was not placed into a trust or insurance fund as required by state law.
     Prosecutors say Lewis has not paid back the funds for any of the victims named in court records.

District cancels class amid outbreak of skin infection

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:42am

An outbreak of a highly contagious skin infection called impetigo has canceled all classes in a central Ohio school district.
     Superintendent Tim Dettwiller tells WBNS-TV (http://bit.ly/1ht93pA ) about 60 students showing signs of the infection were sent home Thursday from the Madison-Plains district in London, west of Columbus.
     Classes were canceled Friday, though weekend athletic events were set to proceed as planned despite the outbreak. The superintendent said a crew would be cleaning the school buildings.
     Impetigo is an infection that mainly affects children and causes red sores, especially on the face around the mouth and nose. It can clear up on its own after a few weeks or with treatment from antibiotics. 

Cleveland suburb upgrades recording system after jail death

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:42am

A Cleveland suburb has upgraded its jail recording system after questions were raised about gaps in video of a woman who was found dead in a holding cell.
     Cuyahoga Heights officials say the cameras previously recorded only when motion was detected and sometimes might have overloaded the system. Now they record continuously.
     The issue was raised after 37-year-old Ralkina Jones of Cleveland died in July. Police body camera footage showed Jones talking about medical problems she had, including seizures and a heart condition, and saying she didn't want to die in a jail cell.
     But surveillance video of her cell had no footage from the six hours before she was found unresponsive.
     The medical examiner hasn't ruled on her cause of death but said Jones didn't have suspicious injuries.

Septic truck crash

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:32am

An investigation into a two-vehicle crash last night that sent one person to Akron City Hospital with serious injuries. The Summit County Sheriff's Office says, the accident occurred on Myersville Road at the intersection of SR 619 in the city of Green. Authorities say, an SUV was heading southbound on Myersville Road and failed to stop at the stop sign at 619, slamming into a 2000 Freightliner septic truck, causing it to overturn. The accident happened around 9:15 last night. Authorities say, the female driver of the SUV was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle. She was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the freightliner was transported to AGMC for evaluation. The roadway was closed for about 5 hours. The crash remains under investigation by the Summit County Sheriff's Office Crash Investigation Unit.

Advanced training for Ohio officers

Oct 09, 2015 -- 8:14am

Ohio police officers must take advanced training courses on topics that include constitutional use of force to meet new requirements and get reimbursed by the state for the training hours.
     Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Thursday the training subjects for which officers could get reimbursed.
     The state recently boosted the hours of annual advanced training for officers. The move followed recommendations from a task force on police training commissioned by DeWine.
     Officers must take 11 hours of continued professional training in 2016, up from four hours this year.
     To qualify for training reimbursement for all 11 hours, officers must take hours on human trafficking, community-police relations, constitutional use of force, and crisis de-escalation with a focus on mental illness. Two training hours could be related to any law enforcement topic.

Layoffs at Jo-Ann Fabric

Oct 08, 2015 -- 5:22pm

More than 100 jobs are being cast-aside at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. The company based in Hudson made the announcement on thursday, saying it's eliminating 103 positions in a so-called “reorganization” of the store support center – which company officials said would create a “laner, more nimble organization” to meet customer needs. The firm's statement said that job-placement assistance has been offered to workers whose positions were impacted in the decision.



Former Chief Cleared on Two Charges, Guilty of One

Oct 08, 2015 -- 5:01pm

A former police chief found not guilty by an Ottawa County judge this week on two of the three charges brought against him was convicted on one count Thursday. Former Put-in-Bay Police Chief Ric Lampella had been cleared on charges of falsification and dereliction of duty and on Thursday, the judge found him guilty on a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. Lampella had been charged with menacing following a confrontation with another officer. He was originally charged after state and county investigators claimed he refused to investigate sexual assault claims filed against a former officer by two employees. When the charges were filed, authorities claimed he was trying to avoid bad publicity for the department.



Former Cleveland Schools Boss to Plead Guilty to Corruption

Oct 08, 2015 -- 4:44pm

Her attorney says former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett will plead guilty to Federal corruption charges. The 66-year-old former head of the Cleveland Public School system was indicted on Thursday afternoon following an investigation into a 20-Million dollar, no-bid contract...one reached between the district and a training academy where she once served as a consultant. She was indicted on 15 Federal charges including mail fraud and wire fraud and faces up to 20 years on each charge. Her attorney is working to reduce her sentence by saying Byrd-Bennett will cop the guilty plea and testify in court if called-on to do so.



Closing Arguments Next in Murder Trial

Oct 08, 2015 -- 2:58pm

Now that accused cop-killer Kenan Ivery has taken the stand in his own defense, it'll soon be up to the jury in Summit County Court to determine his fate. Closing arguments have been set for next Tuesday and the jury is getting a break from the proceedings until then. Ivery's time on the stand this week included a back-and-forth with prosecutors...with Ivery refusing to answer yes-or-no questions, instead saying he was “scared” when he pulled the trigger at Papa Don's Pub last November, killing off-duty Akron Police Officer Justin Winebrenner and leaving bar security guard Dave Wokaty with life-threatening injuries. Several others were wounded in the gunfire. Ivery had been tossed from the bar for unruly behavior and instead of going home, he allegedly went to his car, grabbed a handgun and returned for the deadly confrontation. Ivery admitted during cross-examination that he had every chance to leave the bar before he was pushed to the door by Winebrenner, Wokaty and a bar patron after they saw him showing the weapon in his waistband.



Indians Owner may have a Minority Partner

Oct 08, 2015 -- 2:57pm

The owner of the Cleveland Indians has apparently lined-up a potential minority partner for the franchise. The investment bank hired by Tribe owner Paul Dolan said on Thursday that the search for a partner had been narrowed to a small group of suitors and that a deal may be finalized by the end of the year. The Dolan family has owned the Indians since 1999 but recently embarked on a plan to find a minority partner and ease the family's financial burden.



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