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Docs Warned over Rx Histories

Sep 30, 2016 -- 7:32am


The State Pharmacy Board has issued warnings to some 12-Thousand doctors here in Ohio, telling them they may be in violation of a law passed last year that requires them to check prescription histories of their patients before doling-out painkillers. The letters went to doctors who either haven't registered with the Automated Rx Reporting System by August this year and those who are apparently not using the system properly. The State Medical Board is also involved and says it will target 45 doctors who apparently prescribed painkillers to over 200 patients without running checks beforehand.



OH Minimum Wage to Rise

Sep 30, 2016 -- 7:31am


Minimum wage will soon rise here in Ohio. The entry-level pay rate for people working in our state will rise by five cents next year to adjust for inflation – going up to at least $8.15 per hour for non-tipped employees. Tipped workers are also getting a bit of a bump – the pay rate rising three cents to $4.08 per hour. Rising minimum wage is tied to the Consumer Price Index...which climbed 0.7-percent over the past year. The wage hike applies to companies with annual gross receipts over 299-Thousand dollars a year.



High Bond for Accused Kidnapper

Sep 30, 2016 -- 7:30am


The man accused of kidnapping and assaulting a little girl in Massillon made a video appearance in Fairfield County Municipal Court – then was shipped-off to Stark County to face felony charges of rape and kidnapping. While in custody, authorities say Menefee gave himself a pair of black eyes – apparently self-inflicted when he crawled beneath a bench in his holding cell and slammed his face against a post. Authorities didn't speculate on the possible motive for the self-abuse. Before leaving Fairfield County, a judge imposed a one-Million dollar bond on him. In addition to the felony counts, Menefee is also charged with assault and aggravated menacing.



Boil Order UPDATES

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:18am


The Boil Order that had been issued for a portion of Deerfield has been lifted. Residents at All Seasons Mobile Home Park have been given the all-clear following repairs to a water main break.

In Streetsboro, most of the water customers affected with a water Boil Order yesterday have been cleared – but those along State Route 14 are still required to boil water for consumption until further notice.



Suspected Killer Dies in Prison

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:17am


A Canton man who was handed an abnormally long prison sentence for his crime has died in a Federal lock-up. Authorities say 69-year-old David Mayle was half-way through a 30-year term behind bars when he died September 19. The US Attorney's office in Cleveland prosecuted the man on mail fraud charges and additional counts of forgery and falsification related to stolen disability checks in June of 2001, when Mayle was 53 years old. During sentencing, however, prosecutors raised a likelihood that Mayle had allegedly been involved in at least two murders in Canton, a third in Tampa, Florida and a string of disappearances and other violent crimes that resulted in the longer prison term. Evidence connecting him to several crimes was found, but a key prosecution witness changed his story when questioned by a Grand Jury.



Akron Man Pleads Not Guilty in WV Overdoses

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:16am


An Akron man who's been tied to 27 overdose cases over a five-hour span in West Virginia has pleaded not guilty to Federal charges. 22-year-old Bruce Griggs appeared in a Federal courtroom in Huntington this week, entering the not guilty plea to drug distribution charges in the rash of overdoses in that area that killed at least one person August 15. At least one of the surviving victims fingered Griggs as the dealer and police corroborated the claim with other witnesses and video evidence. He allegedly mixed heroin with the more powerful fentanyl without telling the users what they were about to ingest. His trial has been set for November 29.



Area Man Faces Child Porn Charges

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:16am


An investigation by Federal and local officials in three states has resulted in the arrest of a Jackson Township man on child porn charges. 72-year-old Richard Snyder was taken into custody on Thursday after investigators with a search warrant went to his home on Stewart Street NW to gather evidence for prosecution. Authorities communicated online with Snyder in a probe that began in August, including chats between the accused and an officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. Snyder was booked into Stark County Jail on felony charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor and importuning.



Elections Chief: All is Secure

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:15am


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says there's no concern over security of the state's voting equipment as we approach the November Election. Husted commented one day after FBI Director James Comey told Congress there have been attempted intrusions into voter registration databases, a problem that's more widespread than initially thought. Husted says there's no current evidence of any attempt to breach Ohio's electronic voter files. He says the system is tied into the Internet but is backed-up daily and that his office has been working with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to assure security.



Bond Raised for Accused Killer

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:14am


Bond was increased to 4.5-Million dollars on Thursday for a Rocky River man who faces a murder charge in the shooting death of his daughter this week. After prosecutors told a judge that 63-year-old Jamal Mansour is a flight risk, the accused killer made a video appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court where his original 1.5-Million dollar bond was raised. Although police say Mansour's 27-year-old daughter, Tahani, had been shot twice in the head, the accused claims that the shooting that happened during an argument on Tuesday was accidental.



Former Cop Cops Plea Deal in Wife's Murder

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:13am


After spending more than a decade behind bars on a conviction for the murder of his wife and maintaining his innocence, a former southwest Ohio police officer has taken a plea deal and avoided a re-trial that was set for early November. 61-year-old former Springboro Police Lt Thomas Barton entered Alford pleas on Thursday to charges of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated burglary. Barton's wife, Vicki, was killed in 1995 in a botched burglary that Barton paid to have staged in an effort to scare her into moving from the house where the couple once lived. Barton wanted to move into Springboro to improve his chances of becoming police chief. His conviction was overturned last year on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct and the Alford plea will allow him to avoid further prison time and maintain his innocence.



New Indictment for Father, Son

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:13am


New counts have been filed against a father and son, both previously charged with chaining a teenage girl in the basement of their Toledo-area home.

27-year-old Esten Ciboro and his father, 53-year-old Timothy Ciboro were both charged in June with kidnapping and child endangering in a Grand Jury indictment handed-down against them after their arrest the previous month. This week, an additional count of rape was filed against each of them. The bust came after the 13-year-old girl was found wandering near downtown Toledo. The elder defendant's stepdaughter told authorities that she had been shackled to a support post in the basement of the family's Noble Street home on the city's north side. When authorities visited the house on May 19, they found leg irons in the basement. Both men are serving as their own attorneys and are due to go to trial in October.



Gordon Checks into Rehab

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:12am


Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon's apparently not quite ready to face his responsibilities on the field just yet. He announced on Thursday that he's entering rehab, putting his NFL career on hold and looking to clean-up his act. He was coming-up on eligibility with a return from his four-game suspension next week and may have had a chance to play against the Patriots on October 9, but now says he needs more professional help. Having been suspended for 30 of the teams' past 35 games, Gordon's latest move puts the Browns in a tight spot that may force the franchise to distance itself...much in the same manner as it did with Johnny Manziel.



Woman Arrested after Ball Bat Attack

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:11am


An Akron woman is behind Summit County Jail bars after she reportedly delivered a ball bat beat-down at her ex-boyfriend’s apartment this week. Akron Police say 24-year-old LaShondra Thompson-Brown reportedly showed-up shortly before 2:00AM Wednesday and forced her way into the apartment in the 700 block of Pine Knolls Drive, then got into an argument with her former beau's new girlfriend. Out came the baseball bat and Brown allegedly proceeded to swing-away at the man's new love interest. Her actions landed her in jail on charges of aggravated burglary and criminal trespassing.



APD Rides the Rails

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:11am


Akron Police officers rode along with engineers from the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad in “Operation Lifesaver” on Thursday. The national public awareness campaign is geared at changing behavior of drivers at rail crossings, with recent statistics showing that a person or vehicle is hit by a train once every three hours in the US. Officers were watching several crossings throughout the city on Thursday, stopping and citing those who crossed the tracks when the lights were operating and gates were down. 13 drivers were cited on crossing gate violations, two pedestrians were stopped and cited while one was hit with a trespassing charge.



Southern OH Nuke Plant Cleanup gets More Funding

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:10am


Some additional short-term funding for continued cleanup efforts at a former southern Ohio uranium plant were included in a resolution passed by the US Senate. The measure passed this week is a continuing effort to support the cleanup at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, where workers have been on eggshells in worry over the threat of layoffs for several years due to lack of funds. The plant was shut-down in 2001, but the operation left behind chemicals, radioactive materials and buildings that still need to be removed. The move this week was a stop-gap effort aimed at keeping the work in progress.



Mansfield Man Faces Rape Charges

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:09am


A Grand Jury in Richland County has indicted a Mansfield man on charges that he raped two children and had sexual contact with a third. 22-year-old Robert Sampsel was hit with a 16-count indictment that includes multiple charges of rape of a child under age 13 and importuning. He allegedly raped a boy and girl on multiple occasions between January 2014 and August this year. The third victim was allegedly shown sexually explicit photos showing kids having sex. He also reportedly gave his victims alcohol. Each of the six felony rape charges filed against him could earn Sampsel 11 years in prison.



Akron Woman Arrested after Stabbing Incident

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:09am


Akron Police have announced the arrest of a woman accused of stabbing a man on September 20. Police say the 54-year-old victim had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend around 11:30PM at an apartment in the 500 block of Diagonal Road on the west side. The woman's sister, 27-year-old Tierra Snipes-Terrell of Carnegie Avenue, came to the home and allegedly began arguing with the man before stabbing him in the leg, then fleeing the scene. The victim was taken to Cleveland Clinic AGMC for treatment and is expected to recover. Terrell was tracked-down by police detectives and arrested, booked into Summit County Jail on a charge of felonious assault.



More Details Emerge on Accused Kidnapper

Sep 30, 2016 -- 5:07am


It didn't take long for his past to catch up with the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a little girl in Massillon this week. The rap sheet on 45-year-old Dennis Menefee Jr of Port Washington spans the nation...and includes a guilty plea to charges of manslaughter and rape involving a Wyoming woman in 1999. Menefee has also been convicted in the past for several other crimes and is apparently no stranger to law enforcement or the judicial system. His family also reportedly had his children removed from his custody earlier this year, telling Children's Services authorities that he was a bad apple – a violent person – claims that Menefee refuted on social media.



Accused Serial Killer Pleads Not Guilty

Sep 29, 2016 -- 10:59am


Not guilty pleas were entered on Thursday for the man accused of killing two women at a vacant house in Ashland, from where another woman managed to call police to rescue her from her alleged abductor. 40-year-old Shawn Grate appeared in Ashland County Court in a formal arraignment hearing after being indicted last week on 23 charges. In addition to the Ashland County crimes, Grate has also admitted to authorities that he killed at least two other women – one whose decaying body was found in a wooded ravine behind a burned-out home near Mansfield and another who he said was his first murder victim in 2005 in Marion County. Charges are still pending against the accused in connection with those cases and authorities are looking into the possibility that he may also have committed still more crimes.



New Sentencing Date for Admitted Terror Supporter

Sep 29, 2016 -- 10:51am


A Cincinnati man who pleaded guilty in Federal Court last month to charges he was working in support of terrorists has seen his sentencing date rescheduled. 22-year-old Christopher Cornell was originally due back in court for sentencing on October 31 – but the hearing was re-set on Thursday to a December 5 date. Prosecutors are asking the judge to impose a maximum of 30 years in prison for Cornell after he pleaded guilty to three of the counts leveled against him. He was arrested in January last year by the FBI after buying two assault weapons and ammo from a gun store in southwest Ohio. He had stated on social media that he wanted to mount an attack on the US Capitol Building and kill government officials in support of Islamic State.



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