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Nov 15, 2019 -- 10:52am

     For the first time, the Browns have beaten the Steelers and Ravens in the same season.  Oh yeah, that's not what you want to read about.  Myles Garrett should probably be suspended for the rest of the season, he was dead wrong.  OK, that's it about that.  Blaming Freddie Kitchens, or "culture," or anything else is ridiculous, though I bet Freddie never told his players specifically to not hit guys with your helmets.  Football is violent, folks, and everyone survived.  And the Browns wrecked the Steelers' season, so there's that.  I must have missed all the outrage in the media over six pro boxers dying this year, or 28 (!?) horses going down at Santa Anita.  Cleveland goes for three in a row against the Dolphins a week from Sunday.