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John "Couchburner" Denning



Jan 18, 2019 -- 10:37am

    The Super Bowl is really "Super Sunday," but this Sunday is truly "Super."  That's because the championship games define careers, and make legacies.  The pressure is intense, the rewards are enormous.  Except for you Belechick/Brady...your legacies are secure.  The Rams have been to one Super Bowl as an LA team, the Saints have been there once.  Kansas City hasn't reach the big game in 48 YEARS...but will this time.  I have no doubt Chiefs beat Pats, because they're better.  Meanwhile, the Rams are healthy, while the Saints have averaged 19 points per game for seven weeks (!?).  And there you have it.  KC 33  NE  21.  and LAR 28 NO 24.  Bet it/book it/make $$$.  Or not